What We Need To Understand About Electronic Cigarettes

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We are definitely getting to the point where we just have to admit that cigarette smoking is bad for health. In fact, we might question whoever brought the idea of tobacco smoking what he/she was thinking. With scientists discovering that tobacco is laden with about 4,000 different chemicals, most of them being carcinogens, it is now time to take seriously the calls to quit tobacco smoking.

However, I must warn you that quitting tobacco smoking is one of the hardest battles you will ever face in life because it is extremely difficult undertaking. Unless you have an indomitable will power, chances that you are going to succeed in quitting smoking are extremely low. Many people have tried it to no avail. That is bad news indeed but it is the truth.

The good news is that there is a type of cigarette that has found its way into the market and the name of the cigarette is electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarettes use nicotine instead of tobacco. This means that if you are having difficulties in quitting tobacco, you can switch to electronic cigarettes and still enjoy the same sensations except that you will have less health issues to contend with when it comes to using electronic cigarettes.

So far, nicotine has been given all-lights-clear as far as health issues are concerned. In other words, no researchers have said that there is nothing wrong with nicotine except its addictive nature. Electronic cigarettes have now been allowed to appear in televised adverts so long as they are not advertised to the young generation and people who are not currently smokers.

If you read between the lines, it means electronic cigarettes are targeted to those who are currently smoking. Such products will make it easier for people to quit smoking without a lot of efforts to do so. The consensus among experts is that migrating from rational tobacco smoking to the electronic cigarettes come with immense health benefits. However, there is a concern among the experts that more and more people might start smoking electronic cigars because they seem cool. Perhaps the reason why that might not have happened thus far is because electronic cigarettes are still finding their way in the market; therefore, they are still relatively little unknown.

Safer than tobacco cigarettes, but uncertain how much safer

We have already mentioned that electronic cigarettes are generally safer than traditional cigarettes. However, what we cannot tell is how much safer they are. Electronic cigarettes are basically made to look and feel like the real cigarettes including the process of combustion. Electronic cigarettes will have a glow at the end of the tube the same way you have your tobacco cigarette burning at the end of the tube.

More people are expected to switch to electronic cigarette smoking from tobacco smoking. This will eventually reduce the deaths caused by tobacco by a big margin. Although research regarding the effects of electronic cigarettes is not yet conclusive, we can safely say that electronic cigarettes are much safer than traditional tobacco cigarettes.

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