Ponds For Hunters

seventhcircle Ponds For Hunters

Hunters comprise a large part of the fish and game world. They love the feeling of being out in the woods on a fall day as they pursue their quarry. Some hunters have the ability to hunt on their own property. These people own acres of land, perhaps farmland which backs up next to a forested area. However, some hunters have trouble attracting game to their land. Deer hunters, in particular, have trouble if their land is located near other hunting areas. As a result, many of them choose to build a pond to attract wildlife. If you are a hunter who plans to build a pond, then you need to be aware of how to keep one healthy. Most buy pond aerators to make sure the water has plenty of oxygen.

Land owners often struggle to attract deer and other game animals if there is a high degree of traffic coming to and from the land. Wild animals are wary creatures, and they do not like to be disturbed. Building a pond is a way to get them to come to you. A pond must be built so that it is not right out in the open. This will allow the animals to use the pond without fear of human interruption. Consider building the pond close to a wooded area. If you live on a farm, you will attract less animals if they must cross an open area in order to get to the water source.

There are many types of animals that will come to a water source on hunting land. The key is to understand that most of them will visit it at two key times; the early morning and the late evening. These are low light conditions which allow the animals to move under the cover of darkness. Make sure that you situate your pond so that it is easily accessed by all animals coming to and from the woods. Set up a deer stand high in the trees along the edge of the wooded area. You must arrive early enough so that they do not catch wind of your scent. If you do this, your chances for bagging an animal increase.

High oxygen levels are needed to keep ponds healthy. This is why hunters choose the beast aerators on the market. If you are able to use a natural source for aeration, then by all means do this. Natural sources include water falls, streams, and rivers. They key is to make sure that the water source is constant, even during drought conditions. This allows all of the animals to grow up. During the summer oxygen levels decrease quickly. These levels can cause large amounts of algae to grow. This is not only unsightly, but it also creates a stench that animals will avoid.

Game cameras should be used to check on the progress of your pond. If the animals like it, they should start showing up in a matter of weeks. Attach them to trees and other areas where they remain unseen. Their motion sensors allow the cameras to automatically take pictures each time the movement is detected.