Outdoor Living: Help With Concrete Patio Installation

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Patios are wonderful additions to the elegance of a home. They add flair of entertainment, beauty and relaxation, but installing them comes with some cost. Concrete patios are popular because of their durability, the ease of maintenance and cheap cost that characterize them   . When thinking about concrete patio installation, you might consider doing it yourself after weighing the benefits of having a patio and the expenses associated with installing it through hiring someone else.


You are going to get the information on how to do the project yourself from the following steps. In all instances, there might be other reasons as to why you want to install the patios yourself. May be you want to make it align with your preferences, or you want to do it as a form of physical exercise. Whichever the motive, it is important to do it right.


Have the Right Materials and Tools


The materials and tools to use must fit your budget. A simple concrete patio with one decorative colour model can cost as low as $6 per square foot, or around $720 after installation of 10 x 12 foot patio. Addition of more colours and decorations increases the cost of the patios.


Determine the size of the Area

Determine where you will install the patios, how large it will be and its exact dimensions. Knowing the area to be covered will allow you to know how much you need to invest in terms of the number of the patios to make or buy. This will avoid wastage and shortage


Prepare the Area

Remove any unwanted materials like weeds, grass, roots, uneven top soil, rocks and other materials. After doing all that, it is time to dig the ground in order to level the ground. It is recommended that you remove about 8-9 inches of earth to install the patios. The depth is also determined by the size and thickness of the patios.


Now Install the Patios

After preparing the ground, prepare the concrete and pour it into the spaces between slabs. Make sure that it fits in well. You can use a shovel to push the concrete into all corners. After installing, always make sure to make the ground moist and wet, but not overly wet. This will make the patios stronger and in place.


Don’t Install Patios on Top of Wet Ground

Incorrect installation of patios will lead to breaking and they break. If you install them in wet ground that is exactly what will happen. If you have already done that mistake, you can correct it be filling the place with dry soil.


Don’t Install Patios with Wide gaps Between Them

Having huge gaps between the patios will loosen them as they are stepped on. A single loose end can affect the whole place. To ensure durability, install the patios in compacted mode; with minimal spaces between the patios.


Improper Drainage

Having improper drainage in the patio area is going to weaken the patios when water logs in the pavement. Ensure that there is proper drainage to avoid exposing the area to elements and water.


This is a common mistake where the edges of the patios are not finished properly. If the edges are not done properly, they will begin to wear away very soon. Also, ensure to use the right adhesive for durability.


When it comes to concrete patio installation, there are wrong and right ways of doing it. If done properly, the result is a beautiful place for relaxation in your home. If done badly, the place would not only look awful but it will not last long.