First Thoughts of Electric Bikes

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When you first hear of electric bikes, your thoughts will probably be one of a moped or a scooter but you would be thinking in the wrong direction. Both a moped and scooter, although having two wheels like a bicycle, have very little else in common whereas an electric bike, is almost identical to a traditional pedal powered bicycle. What are electric bicycles info is available on the internet and from that you will see that an electric bike, looks like a traditional bike and does in fact almost weigh the same as a traditional bike. Basically the difference between a traditional bike and an electric bike are just three components, a motor, a battery and a controller. As these three components only have a combined weight of 20 pounds, an electric bike almost weighs the same as a regular bike and, as all three of these components are located discreetly on the bike, an electric bike looks the same as a regular bike.

It is of course the electric motor that can provide the electric bike with additional power besides the pedals but the battery is needed to provide that power to the battery. The control is needed to able to change the motor to be used in one of three different modes and together these three components can allow an electric bike to perform in the same way as a traditional bike, perform in the same way but with added power or, be used in the same way as a moped, with no pedalling required. When the control is set to the pedal only mode, the electric motor is not employed at all which means that your electric bike operates and handles in the exact same way as a regular bike but, of course, you have an extra 20 pounds of weight. In the pedal assist mode, the motor kicks in when the pedals are in use providing 30%, 60% or 90% of extra power allowing you to pedal uphill with ease.

When the control is set to motor or electric only, your traditional bike transforms into a moped which needs no pedalling and can be powered by use of a throttle only. There are a range of different sized motors you can have fitted to your electric bike and these sizes range from 200 watts to 1000 watts but of course, the larger the motor, the more battery power is needed and so the less time and distances there will be between recharges. The electric motor can also be fitted in three different locations on the bike, either of the two wheels or in the middle where it fits to the drive chain. Motors fitted to the drive chain are the most popular as they are located lower than the others offering better control of the bike plus, as the motor is connected directly to the drive chain, gears can be used in the same way as on a traditional bike with no motor.