Do beards make you older?

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If you are one of those brothers who prefer letting the beards to run wild, this article may help to change your mind. Psychologists think that you need to shave your bush if you do not want to be perceived older than you actually are. To make matters worse, beards makes you to look more aggressive. Well, I think that is their opinion because I personally feel great in my beards. Nevertheless, let us hear them out.

Although this doesn’t really mean that you are actually old or more aggressive, these perceptions can have a tremendous impact on your relationships, thus, it can affect your career, social life and romantic relationships with women.

However, we do not wish to exaggerate this because there are millions of bearded men who have tremendous romantic experiences with women and whose age has never been questioned. So the next time you are going for beard oil solutions, think about what beards could mean to the people around you. As it turns out, appearance and perceptions seems to be more important than reality these days.

Bearded and aggressiveness
According to a 2012 study that was published in the journal of behavioral ecology, men who have not shaved their beards were perceived to be more aggressive in their appearance than men with clean-shaven faces.
In an earlier study published in 2008 in the journal Personality and Individual differences, the same observations were made concerning bearded men. However, all is not gloom and doom for bearded men. Studies have also proven that bearded men are thought to have more confidence and people think that bearded men have higher social status.

Evidence of link between social status and beards was made in 2004 in the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Journal where a group of academics found that teaching professionals who were heavily beard were high-ranking professors compared to lower staff like research fellows and lecturers.

Beards can scare away a few women
If you are still dating, this could probably scare you into clearing your bush. In studies that have been published in New Zealand, women often rank clean-shave men to be more attractive than their counterparts. However, not all reserachers agree on this one. There are actually many women who find beards to be immensely attractive in the sense that bearded men are seen to be more responsible, courageous, and highly successful and mature than those who are clean-shaven.

When it comes to jobs and career, there are mixed reactions concerning the issue. Some researchers say having a clean face will increase your chances of landing a job while others do not think so. Nonetheless, when it comes to personal grooming, it has to come down to personal preferences. If you think having a clean shave will make you look better and you feel better with a clean shave, then you should go ahead and clear the bush. After all, you will always have a second chance when it comes to beards and hair. In other words, if you shave your beards and don’t like the experience, you can always let it grow and keep it.